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What is your margin philosophy?

Last Updated: Mar 30, 2015 04:12PM EDT
Futures contracts are very leveraged already, and over leveraging could lead to a loss for a beginner traders faster than anticipated. Trading is about managing risk, not working yourself up over a reward. We believe that by educating our customer about risk, we can maintain customers for the long term, and not get into the habit of “replenishing” your account every few years.
While we believe that most customers are responsible and will choose a reasonable number of contracts to trade with their capital, the difficulty of the markets could still drive one to add contracts to losing positions, reverse too often and skip some elements of basic risk management. Even the best of traders can at times make the mistakes of an amateur trader. Granting you lower margins and high leverage could increase your risk and cause substantial unnecessary losses due to over gearing. Being a little more prudent about your trading choices could help you develop long term discipline.
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