How do I Change the Background Color of a Chart on Sierra Chart?

1. Navigate to the Global Settings tab in the upper portion of the platform window.

2. Navigate to the Graphics Settings – Global tab.

Color Image 1

3. Highlight the Chart Background option.

4. Left click the Color box

Color Image 2

5a. Select the color you wish to display as your chart background. (For our example we’ll select white)

5b. Left Click the OK Button

Color Image 3

6a. Left Click Apply

6b. Click OK

Color Image 4

7. If you happen to have the same text color as your new chart background, you will receive a warning message. Please follow the same process, but select Chart Text option under the Graphic settings window to change your text color to something new.

Color Image 5

8. Once a new text color has been applied, open a new chart to confirm the made changes.

Color Image 6