How do I Change the Theme Color of Trade Navigator?

When you first initialize Trade Navigator for the first time, the platform will ask you to set a theme color. This is the first opportunity to customize the theme color of the platform to your liking.

TradeNav Theme 1

If users would like to customize their theme after they have initialized the platform, it is possible to do so through the Edit tab.

1. Navigate to Edit > Select Color Theme

TradeNav Theme 2

2. After choosing the Select Color Theme option, users can now select a new theme for their platform. First highlight the theme of your choice and then left click OK.

TradeNav Theme 3

Once a theme has been selected users will be notified that the new theme will take effect once the platform has been restarted.

TradeNav Theme 4

When exiting the platform users will be prompted to either EXIT Now, Cancel, Or Archive. Users should select the Archive option as shown below to save any changes made to their platform.

TradeNav Theme 5

After restarting Trade Navigator, the theme is now reflected onto your mainpage of the platform.

TradeNav Theme 6