How do I Change the Type of Chart I am Working with on the Optimus Trader?

Charts on Optimus Trader default to candlesticks when first opened.

1. Once a chart has been opened and a contract has been applied, left click the indicator button.

Optimus Trader Chart Style 1

2. Once the indicator section has been opened, first, select from Series Type. Selecting one of the following options will automatically reconfigure candlesticks to the selected series type.

Optimus Trader Chart Style 2

3a. If users desire a different chart style other than those listed within Series Type, they will need to remove Candlesticks from their chart by left clicking the X within the indicator bubble.

Optimus Trader Chart Style 3

3b. Once removed, left click the Add Indicator + button. This will add a Blank button.

Optimus Trader Chart Style 4

4. Left click the Blank button to access the other chart styles available on Optimus Trader. Simply left click the chart style or indicator of your choice and the platform will automatically reconfigure your platform to the selected indicator.

Optimus Trader Chart Style 5

5. Once an indicator has been selected, left click the Close option to access your chart.

Optimus Trader Chart Style 6

In our example we have selected the Area indicator as shown below:

Optimus Trader Chart Style 7