How do I save my work on MetaTrader 5?

Saving your workspace on the MetaTrader 5 platform will allow users to save any current windows open, templates applied, or tools applied to be reopened for later use.

For demonstration purposes we will initially have a chart open with a white background applied and a DOM window open as well.

MT5 Saving 1

1. Navigate to the File menu in the top left corner of the platform window.

MT5 Saving 2

2. Profiles > Save as

MT5 Saving 3

3. Select a name for your new profile, we have selected Optimus Profile for ours. Once named, left click the Ok button.

MT5 Saving 4

4. By default your workspace will automatically be assigned to the new profile you have just created. To test if the method has been applied correctly, head back to the File > Profiles > Next.

This will change your workspace to the next profile in the list and adjust your workspace to a different layout.

MT5 Saving 5

5. Once the new profile has been assigned, head back to the Profiles tab and now select the profile you created. For our example we will be selecting Optimus Profile.

MT5 Saving 6

Now that Optimus Profile has been assigned, our workspace is now adjusted back to its previous state.

MT5 Saving 7

Users can also save templates that provide them with the ability to change specific aspects of charts. First users will need to change or apply a new feature to an existing chart.

For our example, we have applied a white background to the USDCAD,H1 chart.

MT5 Saving 8

1. To carry over the applied settings to a new chart, users will need to save them as a template. Right click a chart to open the context menu.

MT5 Saving 9

2. Navigate to Templates > Save Template…

MT5 Saving 10

3. Select a name for your new template. We have selected White Theme.

4. Once named, left click Save.

MT5 Saving 11

To demonstrate how templates work, we will now open a new chart associated with the EURUSD,H1 contract. By default, the charts background color is set to black.

MT5 Saving 12

5. Apply a template by right clicking a chart > Templates > Selecting the template you created.

MT5 Saving 13

Selecting our White Theme template automatically applies the template we created and changes the background color of our new chart to white.

MT5 Saving 14