How do I save my work on OEC Trader?

Saving your workspace on the OEC trader platform will allow users to save any current windows open, templates applied, or tools being used to be reopened for later use.

For demonstration purposes we will initially have a chart open with a black background applied and a working orders window open as well.

OEC Saving 1

1. To save a workplace navigate to File > Workspaces > Save or Save As

OEC Saving 2

2. Once selected, specify a location to save your file and give the file a name as well. For our example we will be naming our file: optimus workspace. After a file name has been selected, left click the Save button.

OEC Saving 3

Now that the workspace has been saved users may close out their instance of OEC Trader.

3. Once a new instance of the platform has been opened users may navigate back to File > Workspaces > Open.

OEC Saving 4

4. Find the location of the saved file, highlight it, and then left click the Open button.

OEC Saving 5

Once opened the exact instance of the saved workspace will opened where previously left off.

OEC Saving 6