Where do I Access my Account Balance on Investor/RT?

1. Navigate to the toolbar located along the top of the platform window and left click the portfolio button.

Investor RT Account Balance 1

2. In the Object Manager window, double click the trading account you wish to view the account balance for.

Investor RT Account Balance 2

3. The Portfolio window displays various pieces of information related to account balance such as Total Value of the account, Cash (Debt) currently in the account, and the Total Equity of the account.

Bits of information related to the trading account such as quantity of positions currently held, entry price of current positions, net gain, and commission are also listen in the Portfolio window.

Investor RT Account Balance 3

4. Users can also navigate to the toolbar located to the left of the portfolio window and select the Asset Allocation button to receive a breakdown of assets by security type.

Investor RT Account Balance 4