Where do I Access my Account Balance on Trade Navigator?

1. Navigate to the top of the platform and left click the Trade Console shortcut.

TNav Acc Bal 1

Once opened, the trade console can be found directly beneath the shortcut toolbar. The trade console provides traders with various bits of information related to their open orders, positions, and accounts.

TNav Acc Bal 2

With the trade console open users have one of two locations in which they can view their account balance.

2a. Account balance can be found located on the far right of the trade console.

TNav Acc Bal 3

2b. Users may also elect to view their account balance through a separate window. To do so, left click the Accounts shortcut located at the top of the Trade Console.

TNav Acc Bal 4

Opting to go through the Accounts shortcut will open a separate account balance window as shown below.

TNav Acc Bal 5