Where do I Access my Prior Trade Activity on Optimus Trader?

There are several widgets on Optimus Trader that allow viewers to look at their recent trade activity. The widgets that allow users to view their recent trade activity are notifications, positions, and orders.

1. First open the Widgets menu by clicking the Widgets icon at the top of the platform.

Optimus Trader Trade Act 1

2. After opening the widgets menu, left click on one of the following widgets mentioned above to add the widget to your layout.

Once you have added a widget to your layout and would like to close the widget menu, click on either the widgets menu icon or on the X at the top of the menu to access your workspace.

3. The notifications widget displays all recent trade activity made on the account.

Optimus Trader Trade Act 2

4. The orders widget allows users to filter between working, filled, cancelled, and all orders that have been place on a specific trading account.

Optimus Trader Trade Act 3

5. The positions widget allows users to monitor any positions they currently hold on their trading account.

Optimus Trader Trade Act 4