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Account Funding Instructions

Please select the Futures Clearing Merchant you would like to deposit funds to:

Ironbeam Funding Instructions

ADMIS Funding Instructions

StoneX Funding Instructions

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TradeStation Funding Instructions

Wedbush Funding Instructions

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that all deposits MUST go to our clearing firms. Optimus Futures, LLC is a registered broker with the CFTC and does not hold customer funds. 

All deposit instructions are available on our website or sent via email from the accounts@OptimusFutures.com email address.

Employees, brokers, or directors do not correspond over their personal email for deposit purposes. 

Please exercise caution when sending funds, and if anything appears suspicious, please report it to us ASAP. Call (800) 771 6748 or (561) 367-8686 

CLICK HERE for Withdrawal Instructions.